(near corner) aaHPHP, double fireball, uppercut 5 hits 50%, Advanced Juggles: 3. This is an advantage against some characters. Shang Tsung... first off, you simply can't forget a name like that. Granted new powers, Tsung soon discovers his dark emperor's true plan: as soon as the remaining warriors are disposed of, Kahn will take Tsung's own soul. Shang's basics are kinda mixed. Shang Tsung - Rank: 21 Shang Tsung is a low tier character, near the bottom, perhaps in the 20s, but the fact that he has an infinite at his disposal and large easy morph combos off a single ground eruption, with some effort means he cannot be last even though basically he is less capable than most. His run jab game is decent, sometimes you can try and stick in a single fireball after a few run jabs. A treacherous sorcerer who consumes the souls of his victims, Shang Tsung has played host to the last nine Mortal Kombat tournaments in Earthrealm, stacking the odds in favor of his master. Mix up cross patterns of single or double fireballs and GEs in effort to lock your opponent down, watch for their move, pin them down, keep them guessing, keep it constant, don't let up, and ultimately set up GE combos. 2. (MK3, UMK3, MKT) Babality: Shang Tsung vira um bebê e pega um ursinho de pelúcia, seguido por consumir a alma e a cor dele. It is theoretically possible to beat people without morphs just using his lock down and basic moves, because the important ones are good. Shang Tsung appears on a movie poster … Shao Kahn: Back, Forward, High Kick. Then he lifts the victim and slams them into the spikes. Triple Fireball: Back, Back, Forward, Forward, High Punch. Raiden : Down, Back, Forward, Low Kick. Fatality 2: (Close) (Hold Low Punch) Run, Block, Run, Block, (Release Low Punch). Human Smoke: Block, Run, Low Kick. MK1 Kano: (Block) Back, Down, Forward, Up. Another way to do it, is if the person jumps onto the first GE, run almost to the other side of the screen and GE as they are landing. In order to get the full juggle you have adjust the distance slightly, but generally there is not enough time to do this so you need to pay attention to where they get hit. Shang's lock down, keep away, and zoning pressure can be absolutely insane if you commit to a gameplan with him. If you do 3, the 3rd might not hit them right and Shang winds up unable to capitalize, so stick to usage of 1 or 2. Cyrax: Block, Block, Block. Ermac: Down, Down, Up. Motaro: Forward, Down, Back, High Punch. Shang turns into a little creature from JOUST and bounces away. He definitely has a sluggishness about him in general, but that's really only his ground combos. Animality: (Close) (Hold High Punch) Run, Run, Run, (Release High Punch). Shang Tsung not only turns against and defeats both Kintaro and Shao Kahn, he also takes over their rule of the Outworld. The Flaming Skulls (fireballs in the general gaming world) have existed since MK1, but in MK3 they were changed significantly. Fireball: Back, Back, High Punch. Shang Tsung's Animality in MK3 is a cobra, and in the MK Deception intro he unleashed a huge flame in the form of a cobra to knock out Raiden. He will forever rule the Earth with his own brand of evil. LK, LK, RUN, RUN, D (No Block in Winning Round) (Past Sweep). You have to make sure the last hit knocks them behind you, so walk into the middle, let it hit them over, then run and buffer the next GE to hit as they fall. 10. Kano: Back, Forward, Block. Shang raises his hands and spikes come out of the ground. Originally from Earthrealm, Shang Tsung's magical abilities led him to discover the realm of Outworld. MK1 Raiden: Back, Back, Forward, Run. Kano and Nightwolf will often times snuff his uppercut so it's better to go for the standing HK which is high and pointy, his RH is also high with good range. 1. aaDouble Fireball, GE, aaHP,HP, aaHP, double fireball, 10 hits 65%

shang tsung mk3

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