Dizionario Collaborativo     Inglese Sinonimi, to show in an improper or selfish way that you are, expression meaning that someone who is not, laugh and the world will laugh with you; weep and you will weep alone, Ti preghiamo di spiegare perché vuoi rifiutare questa voce (traduzione/definizione non accurata, voce già presente...), Imparare l'inglese, il francese e altre 5 lingue gratuitamente, Reverso Documents: traduzione de documenti, Tutti i sinonimi inglesi del nostro dizionario. I think mostly she was looking for happiness. It had always been a happy place..., We have a very happy marriage. If you say you are happyto do something, you mean that you are very willing to do it. Aggiungere un commento è facile e prende solo qualche secondo. È possibile completare l'elenco dei sinonimi per happy che compare nel dizionario Inglese Sinonimi cercando in altri dizionari inglesi: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, dizionari Collins Lexibase, Merriam Webster ... Dizionario Inglese-Sinonimi: capire cosa significano le parole attraverso i nostri dizionari online. ©2020 Reverso-Softissimo. If I've caused any offence over something I have written, I will happily apologise. Busque happy y muchas más palabras en el diccionario Reverso de sinónimos en inglés . Someone who is happy has feelings of pleasure, usually because something nice has happened or because they feel satisfied with their life. If you are happyabout a situation or arrangement, you are satisfied with it, for example because you think that something is being done in the right way. By happy coincidence, Robert met Richard and Julia and discovered they were experiencing similar problems. blessed, blest, blissful, blithe, cheerful, cock-a-hoop, content, contented, delighted, ecstatic, elated, floating on air, glad, gratified, jolly, joyful, joyous, jubilant, merry, on cloud nine, pleased, rapt, sunny, thrilled, walking on air, advantageous, appropriate, apt, auspicious, befitting, convenient, enviable, favourable, felicitous, fortunate, lucky, opportune, promising, propitious, satisfactory, seasonable, successful, timely, well-timed, depressed, despondent, discontented, displeased, down in the dumps, forlorn, gloomy, joyless, low, melancholy, miserable, mournful, sad, sombre, sorrowful, sorry, unhappy, blithe, carefree, casual, devil-may-care, easy-going, heedless, improvident, insouciant, irresponsible, light-hearted, nonchalant, unconcerned, untroubled, careworn, cheerless, gloomy, melancholy, morose, sad, serious, unhappy, Dizionario inglese Collins - Definizioni & sinonimi inglesi. All rights reserved. Sinónimos de "happy" en inglés, incluidas definiciones y palabras relacionadas. A happy coincidence is one that results in something pleasant or helpful happening. Sinonimi di happy in inglese, dizionario dei sinonimi in inglese, consulta anche 'happily',happen',hippy',happy-go-lucky', definizione, esempi v-link ADJ, ADJ about/with n/-ing, ADJ that, ADJ to-inf. cheerful, delighted, in a good mood, glad, content, ecstatic, jovial, joyful, merry, contented, buoyant, cheery, jolly, blithe, pleased, gratified, satisfied, cheered, bright, euphoric, sunny, smiling, in good spirits, happy as Larry (informal), happy as a pig in muck (informal) traduzione dizionario Inglese per Studenti Collins, a satisfactory compromise between two opposed things ; a course of action or state that is between two extremes, Ex: There were solid arguments for both sides and after hours of endless discussions, a happy medium that could satisfy each camp was still to be struck. Per inserire un commento devi essere connesso. Mejores sinónimos de happy (relacionado con positivity) son high, welcome y wild. Reverso consente di accedere al dizionario inglese monolingue e a quello dei sinonimi per trovare happy e migliaia di altre parole. Happy the man, and happy he alone He who can call today his own; He who, secure within, can say, Tomorrow, do thy worst, for I have lived today [John Dryden – Imitation of Horace] The happy man is not he who seems thus to others, but who seems thus to himself [Publilius Syrus – Moral Sayings] Call no man happy till he dies, he is at best but fortunate [Solon] Happy men are grave. Suggerisci una nuova traduzione/definizione. If you describe someone as slap-happy, you believe they are irresponsible and careless. Happy is used in greetings and other conventional expressions to say that you hope someone will enjoy a special occasion. In a pub, happy hour is a period when drinks are sold more cheaply than usual to encourage people to come to the pub. happy sinónimos. happy sinónimos. Mejores sinónimos de happy (relacionado con happiness) son good, glad y delighted. well expressed and to the point 1. a happy turn of phrase 1; marked by good fortune 1. a happy outcome 1; enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure 1. a happy smile 1; spent many happy days on the beach 1; a happy marriage 1; eagerly disposed to act or to be of service 1 Someone who is happy-go-lucky enjoys life and does not worry about the future. If you describe someone as trigger-happy, you disapprove of them because they are too ready and willing to use violence and weapons, especially guns. Some of them are a bit trigger-happythey'll shoot at anything that moves. Busque happiness y muchas más palabras en el diccionario Reverso de sinónimos en inglés . Marina was a confident, happy child..., I'm just happy to be back running... Albert leaned back happily and lit a cigarette. A happy time, place, or relationship is full of happy feelings and pleasant experiences, or has an atmosphere in which people feel happy.