While his prideful ego can lead him to perform antagonistic and selfish acts, Maui is a lot less careless as a first impression may perceive. Once Te Fiti forms back into her resting position, Moana and Maui prepare to part ways. He uses some of his remaining power to transform into a hawk and leave Moana's boat. When they recover, Maui finds his fishhook severely damaged and nearly destroyed. Images of the Maui voice actors from the Moana franchise. https://deadliestfiction.fandom.com/wiki/Maui_(Moana)?oldid=336315. Maui was originally going to be smaller, shorter, and bald until the animators visited the Polynesian islands and were told that Maui should be big and strong, like Superman. After the two give their final goodbyes, Maui transforms into a hawk and flies off. They finally reach Te Fiti, but before they can make it to her shores, they must confront Te Kā. Maui, meanwhile, was banished to a desolate island by Te Kā and was doomed to remain there for all eternity as punishment for his crimes. When Moana reveals that she actually has the heart of Te Fiti in her possessions, Maui cowers in fear. Back in the human world, Maui thanks Moana for saving his life, though he laments the fact that she could have been killed while he was powerless to save her. Instead, this demigod of wind and sea wound up exiled alone on a desolate island without his magical fishhook. Do you know who Maui is? The heart would remain lost for decades, while Maui's fishhook eventually fell into the possessions of his arch-rival, the giant crab Tamatoa. As Moana examines his tattoos, she gets the impression that Maui enjoys praise, claiming that returning the heart will restore his positive reputation with mortals across the world. Maui commends Moana on her ability to escape death but still refuses to help her restore the heart. This revives Te Fiti, much to Maui's shock. Shortly after Moana awakens, Maui finds her boat unattended and celebrates his key to escape. The two battled, but Maui was defeated, losing both the heart of Te Fiti and his magical fish hook in the aftermath. He does so through the musical number "You're Welcome", which served more as a ploy to distract Moana. Maui denies the offer but declares that her people already have a master wayfinder in Moana. Even so, legend proclaims that Maui is destined to team up with a young hero—the "chosen one"—to return the heart to its rightful place. Suddenly, the duo are attacked by a band of pirates known as the Kakamora, who sought the heart like many villains.As Maui fights off the Kakamora, Heihei swallows the heart and is kidnapped by the pirates shortly thereafter. He says the gods are the ones who made him Maui. Widely regarded as a clever trickster, Maui is rarely matched when it comes to adversaries, being greatly feared by villains and monsters lurking throughout the sea. Maui was born to human parents who disgusted and apparently wanting nothing to do with their son, Maui was thrown into the sea as an infant and left for dead. However, upon stealing the heart am again lava monster, Te Kā. He then reveals to have a new tattoo plastered onto his body that depicts a victorious Moana, touching the girl and leading to a warm, bittersweet hug between her and Maui. One fateful day he tried to steal the heart of Te Fiti, the mother island. For five years of the film's development, the filmmakers consulted in their Oceanic Story Trust, who pushed Disney to enhance Maui's physique to resemble a hero in the vein of Superman. Though Mini Maui accuses him on acting selfishly, Maui brushes this off. Makes sense: you're what...eight? Moana offers to fix the hook, but as it was made by the gods, it is impossible for them to do so. While reluctant at first Moana eventually convinced him to aid her in her quest. Moana disagrees with Maui's views, telling him that the gods saw someone worthy of saving the day his parents abandoned him. During one of her great sails, Maui briefly returns in the form of a hawk, proudly watching over Moana and her people. Following these events, Moana has ushered in a new generation of voyagers on her home island. She faces Te Kā and is nearly killed, but Maui returns after having a change of heart. Hercules (Disney). Maui turns into a hawk and tries to fly past her, only to be struck from the sky several times. With no other choice, he instructs Moana on how to sail for the remainder of the night. Origin Maui explains the art of wayfinding to Moana. One of Maui's tattoos is the Chain Chomp from Mario games. According to Moana's ancestors, Maui can be found by following a constellation resembling his fish hook. Maui accepts his fate to protect Moana, but before he can be burned alive, Moana distracts Te Kā by shining the heart of Te Fiti's light in the distance. As a result of his poor upbringing, Maui has spent a majority of his life living with crippling insecurity. Moana is nevertheless confident in accomplishing their mission now that they have the fishhook, but Maui feels otherwise. But she is determined to complete her goal to save her island, though she can't-do so without Maui's help. Disney did not open auditions for Maui, as Dwayne Johnson was directly chosen and approached for the role. "Do you know who Maui is? Maui attempted to fight the demon, but was hit out of the sky and lost both his hook and the heart in the process and ended up stranded on an island with no means of escape. He discovered that Moana's words of wisdom were correct when he fought relentlessly against Te Kā (without his fish hook) to save Moana and the world from destruction. He was saved by the gods, who raised Maui, granting supernatural abilities, immortality, and a magical fish hookthat allows him to shapeshift. Apparently wanting nothing to do with their son, Maui's parents threw him into the sea as an infant, and left him for dead. A thousand years after Maui's disappearance, Tala's granddaughter, Moana, was chosen by the sea to find the demigod and have him join her in returning the heart to its rightful place. She opens up to the demigod in remorse by confessing that she doesn't know why the ocean chose her, and she feels confused as to what exactly it is that she's doing. Moana believes otherwise and playfully taunts Maui's apparent superstition. He was saved by the gods, who raised and granted Maui supernatural abilities, immortality, and a giant, magical fish hook that allows him to shape-shift. Maui is boisterous, gregarious, and mischievous. The two adversaries approach each other, but Moana tames the fiery beast and places the jade heart into her chest. Overjoyed, Maui celebrates while Moana and Te Fiti embrace. Disgusted and apparently wanting nothing to do with their son, Maui was thrown into the sea as an infant and left for dead. Te Fiti warmly forgives Maui and rewards him for his heroic acts by giving him a new fishhook. ", "It only appears after a human sacrifice. As Moana sails them the rest of the way, Maui watches proudly, before openly expressing such pride, much to Moana's happiness. Despite his demigod status, Maui's cruel upbringing would forever scar him. The ocean. "Right. Maui has dimples, which are based on Dwayne Johnson's dimples. Maui is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2016 animated feature film, Moana. He is soon weakened too severely and orders Moana to turn the boat around. He traps her in his cave in order to make off with her boat and pet chicken, Heihei (intended to be Maui's lunch). In a few scenes, Maui raises his eyebrow in a cocky manner. Deadliest Fiction Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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